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Humane Wildlife Removal, Control and Damage Solutions for Your Home or Business

Varmint Evictors’ wildlife removal services begin with a comprehensive wildlife inspection. Your home or business is examined for evidence of all nuisance animal species. Our Certified Wildlife Technician will investigate for all signs of wild animal tracks, feces, bat poop or guano including; raccoon damage, woodchuck, skunk & mole burrowing or squirrel nests. Our trained Michigan wildlife specialist’s can find points of entry a home owner may not see.


Once your wildlife inspection is complete, we will explain in detail what wild animal evidence we have found.We will explain any wildlife problems or issues you may have. We outline the essential steps to proper wildlife removal in Michigan, ways to keep wild animals out and clean up or repair any of damage.

Removing wildlife and not addressing the underlying problem is an open invitation for other wild animals to make themselves at home. With Varmint Evictors you never have to worry about antagonizing a wild animal and putting your pets, family or employees in unnecessary danger or at possible health risks.

While you may elect for a Do It Yourself wildlife removal remedy, keep in mind our  professional wildlife removal, control, clean up and repair services can save you considerable time, money, risk of exposure to contaminates and headaches later!

Varmint Evictors 11 Step Comprehensive
Michigan Wildlife Inspection

  1. Our inspection begins with your initial call. We ask specific questions to help us pinpoint your wildlife problems.
  2. Investigate on site and identify evidence of (if any) nuisance animals that may have invaded your property and caused damage.
  3. Locate all Points of Entry (even ones you might not see) to find out why varmints claimed your property as their home.
  4. Our inspection includes: attics, outside & interior walls, siding, roofs & ceilings, all vents & exhaust systems, foundations and out buildings and everything in between.
  5. We also document any damage, breaks or deterioration to structures allowing unwanted access to wildlife.
  6. You’ll receive a detailed written estimate and we’ll review with you the best options for wildlife removal, control or exclusion, including suggested repairs and the most effective remedies for removal of contaminates or other bio hazardous materials.
  7. Create a custom step by step plan to Evict Nuisance Wildlife where necessary.
  8. During our first visit we can sometimes provide necessary clean up and repair of wildlife damage at your request.
  9. Suggest wildlife prevention strategies including any structural alterations for immediate and future animal control problems.
  10. Review with you our exclusive wildlife removal, control & exclusion Guarantee & Warranties.
  11. We can also schedule follow-up visits for persistent or on going Michigan wildlife control or problems.

Varmint Evictors takes pride in providing the most humane, animal friendly, Michigan wildlife control services possible. We avoid dangerous kill traps and chemical processes or poisons,that could put your family, employees or pets health or safety at risk!

Michigan Wildlife Control
Commercial Property Services

Varmint Evictors has over 26 years of experience in Michigan wildlife control and removal. We understand the difficulties and time constraints you are under and provide fully insured wildlife control, removal and exclusion services.

You can rely on Varmint Evictors for Central Michigan  raccoon removal, opossum & skunk eviction, bat exclusion or most other unwanted varmints for all of your commercial properties including; rental homes, condo’s and apartment complexes.

Finding  qualified, wildlife removal in Michigan is just a click away… Click Here to Request Your Commercial Property Inspection!

Varmint Evictors
Wildlife Control Systems

Protect Your Property with Professionally
Installed Wildlife Deterrent Products & Barriers

Our humane wildlife deterrent systems are designed to handle your unique residential and commercial wild animal problems. If it’s wildlife, we probably do it, pick up the phone and call us today!

Screening on roof  & end vents may come loose over time, allowing birds, bats, raccoons or squirrels to make themselves at home and create more destruction inside your property. Roof exhausts should be inspected for deterioration which create additional Michigan wildlife problems.


Varmint Evictors’ experienced wildlife technicians are trained to keep wild animals out! We can install the latest, most effective wildlife deterrents like; deck & porch copper mesh or galvanized screening, roof vents, exhaust covers and chimney caps. Our unique and crucial deterrent systems keep unwanted potentially dangerous wildlife from making themselves at home under, in or around your home or business, reducing risk of additional damage and expense.


Our goal is to quickly stop  wildlife damage and many times we are able to do small repair and clean up work during our initial visit. When damage is extensive we may need to bring in one of our experienced, reputable contractors assuring the job is done right the first time.

Michigan Bat Guano Clean Up
and Attic Restoration

Most homes won’t have a significant amount of bat guano or urine to cause significant damage. However occasionally there is a need for a professional clean out of bio hazardous materials. Attics contaminated by bat guano & urine or other severe wildlife damage may be covered under your  home owners insurance. Contact your insurance company and use a written bat guano removal quote if  a clean out is required.


 Our wildlife technicians use an industrial insulation removal vacuum system located outside of your home or office. We carefully remove all contaminated and damaged materials caused by bat guano and urine. We then completely disinfect the affected area with a biocide, repair any additional damage found and if necessary we can install new clean insulation.

Varmint Evictors Wildlife Prevention
and Preservation Program

If you have recurring wildlife control, removal or damage problems, ask us about reduced rates for our Monthly, Quarterly or Annual  – Wildlife Prevention and Control Maintenance Program.

Don’t Let Bats or Wildlife Cause Unnecessary Aggravation!
Varmint Evictors’ Professional Wildlife Technicians
Are Trained to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Out!

End Your Wildlife Control Problems 
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